L- Arginine Caps

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Packing Size : 200 Caps
Recommendation : 1 serving per day
(5,000 mg per serving of 5 Caps)

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The perfect partner for every training phase

(Health Supplement Indian Food Category 13.6)

1 g. of L-Arginine per capsule. Power the Pump effect!

• L-Arginine is an amino acid precursor of Nitric Oxide, a gas with a vasodilating effect during training. This favors the increase of blood flow to the muscular zones involved in the training allowing to reach the maximum muscular congestion. Greater congestion = more oxygen and nutrients in the muscle = greater muscle growth.

• Acts on Testosterone, favoring the anabolic state of the metabolism after training, that is, as anabolic and recuperator.

• Regular intake of L-Arginine before training can also help the development of a fat-free muscle mass, while increasing strength, endurance and the ability to train.

• Supplementation with L-Arginine also has a positive effect on muscle relaxation time.

• Our L-Arginine capsules contain 1 gram of L-Arginine of the highest quality, L-Arginine hydrochloride, the most appropriate to meet the demands of your body.

Directions for Use

Take 5 caps before training. On training free days 5 capsules before breakfast.

Size / Flavour

Bottle of 100 capsules.


– As a precursor of Nitric Oxide take the product (3 to 5 capsules) before training. – As a recuperator and rest days, take the product (of 5 capsules) divided into several doses, for example, after training and before going to bed.

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